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Sarbanes-Oxley Act covers the SOX compliance for the public held company. It came into being to protect the interests of investors against scandals done by big organizations like Adelphia, Enron, Tyco international and WorldCom. In order to regain the loss of confidence in American securities, in the year 2002, the fiscal reporting laws were upgraded and how accountants need to present information before the board. It also laid emphasis on the use of IT in presenting the financial information.

SOX compliance is observing the protocols under the Sarbanes-Oxley act. A company needs to be on par with the SOX compliance in order to be in good books of the investors. It implies secure transfer of accounting information among those accountable through the use of computing system.

The entire IT infrastructure should be in compliance with the SOX at the time of the audit. We extend our services in assisting you in the same and take internal controls to ensure SOX compliance. Our experts and professionals are pros at handling any size of financial records and make them SOX efficient.

The very first step towards making organization SOX compliant is a risk assessment. Risk assessment helps in bridging the gap between the SOX standards and organization’s current security standards. Some of the steps taken by us as part of our services include:

  • Segregation of data and preventing sensitive data from leaving the system
  • Ensuring network access control so as to prevent malware
  • Facilitating vulnerability scanning to get rid of weaknesses in financial control
  • Detection of intrusion way beforehand they destruct the financial systems
  • Provides security information and event management (SIEM) that helps in thorough analysis of events and plausible threats that can be encountered

Regardless to say, the misrepresentation of revenue lies majorly depends on the company’s technology. However, our professionals and IT experts can ensure network security and make your company’s financial records in accordance with SOX compliance effectively and efficiently.

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