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Security Assessment

A security assessment is one of the most underrated and neglected assessments of the technological management. The company needs to be fully aware of its network security standards in order to stand firm in front of the arising security vulnerabilities, network problems, and other IT problems.

We have a number of professionals who are experts in security assessment whose sole purpose is to help client’s firm by assessing the present and future security needs and filling the required gap. Such assessments are performed by highly trained, knowledgeable and certified employees.

IT assessment

IT assessment deals with the corporate technological structure and probes down the strengths and weaknesses of the IT system. The following activities are included in the IT assessment:

  • Firewall security assessment
  • Recovery of lost data and backup
  • Analysis through a monitoring system
  • Licensing management
  • Cost effective telecommunications
  • Procurement and upgradation of security trends

Network infrastructure assessment

It involves the assessment of network system and its related security flaws and vulnerabilities. The network infrastructure assessment provides insights to:

  • Knowing the functionalities and the remaining useful life of devices like routers, switches, firewalls etc.
  • Figuring the bottlenecks in network structure due to faulty configuration
  • Finding security vulnerabilities from misconfigured devices or equipment

IT security assessment

The IT security assessment deals with everything that falls within the purview of technology infrastructure, system, policies, and procedures. It ensures network security, wireless security, personnel security and classification and grouping of data according to related security requirements.

Enhanced tests and scans

The next step in security assessment we take is providing security through enhanced tests and necessary scans. Working closely with clients helps us explore the vulnerability of the systems and the benefits of these tests and scans on the company’s services.

The two common network security tests and scans are mainly penetration test and vulnerability scan.

Thus, our security experts provide security assessment through various means, act upon them to reduce the risk related to cyber threats.

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