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Security Policy Development

A security policy is essential to safeguard and outline the information security within the environment. We provide a wide range of development of policies. Our services involve reviewing and updating existing policies, syncing them with the organization’s needs and aligning them with standards like SOX, ISO/IEC 2700, DAFARS etc. Security policy enables employees to know what needs to be done, what is ultra-wires and what not when it comes to information security.

Why is Security Policy Development Important?

The lack of these policies will result in:

  • Employees being unaware of their responsibilities will lead to unintentionally or accidentally compromising confidential information
  • Lack of management’s readiness against perpetrators
  • There will be lack of guidelines with regard to configuration and administration of IT security
  • Disregarding the value of information will result in inappropriately using information and making it prone to a vulnerability
  • Management will be careless with regard to IT security

What is inferred from security policy development?

We work by studying in depth the organization’s security risks, the objectives, and development of appropriate security policies that are worth making an investment in. Here is what we cover under security policy development in our services:

  • Risk management
  • Information security
  • Internal audit
  • Control of remote access
  • Classification and proper handling of information
  • Data protection through GDPR compliance

What you get from us?

  • Reformation of policies in accordance with experts on risk management and information security
  • Standardize organization’s information security through rational policies
  • Minimizes the risk of data loss and theft
  • Eliminating the risk of cybercrime through better security controls and measures
  • Enabling support through making organization in tune with compliance and regulations like GDPR
  • Fostering awareness and knowledge by inculcating risk savvy culture
  • Making you compliance ready
  • Fulfilling the needs of existing certifications like ISO 27001:2013
  • Providing clarifications of jobs and responsibility to ensure proper insight into management violations
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