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Server Build Reviews

If a standard system contains flaws and is deployed across thousands of other servers, then it can have a great negative impact.

Now, the server build reviews help to have the clear understanding of the servers, workstations, laptops and other network infrastructure of any corporate system. The basic aim of this process is to ensure that all the network infrastructure is configured securely and is in line with the best security standards and practices.

It is a well-known fact that server or network infrastructure forms the most essential ingredient for a successful business. Thus, it becomes crucial to have a secure and robust build, so that the server or the network system of any business is protected.

At Sync InfoSec, our experts have expertise in reviewing the security of all kinds of systems, servers, and devices. Out team of experts always provide the clients with the detailed report of the risks which might be involved with your business. Not only this, we also provide them with the remedial action, which would keep those threats at bay.

Why Choose Sync InfoSec For Getting Server Build Reviews?

  • Our team of experts provides gap analysis against industry standards.
  • We make sure that your IT assets are aligned with the latest vendor guidelines. Thus, making your business resistant against any kind of security attacks.
  • We also carry out desktop and server build reviews to rectify the issues in the process of the concerned organization, which may be the root cause of security problems.
  • Our experts are best at reviewing the configuration of a wide range of database servers, application servers, virtualization technology and their operation systems also.
  • • In today's time, many companies basically rely on firewalls or network devices in order to protect their network infrastructure. Now, under such scenario, it becomes necessary to ensure that these firewalls are fit for the work. Not to worry, at Sync InfoSec our experts employ the best method to test and receive the rules and configuration of the firewalls and other network devices namely- load, balancers, switches etc.

What Do You Gain From A Server Build Review Done By Our Company?

  • The owner and its employees get to learn the process to create a secure build which can be put to use in future.
  • Your servers and network will be free from all kinds of risks and external threats. Your network is less likely to be compromised in future.
  • Your servers are updated to maintain compliance with security standards set by the government.

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