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Security Gap Analysis

Security Gap Analysis done by InfoSec is carried out in such a way that it proves helpful for the various organizations to act in compliance with the rules and regulations of cyber security as set by the government authorities. The report submitted by Sync InfoSec also provides the concerned organization with measures which they can apply in order to improve their security standards.

The process followed by Sync InfoSec for Gap Analysis-

  • Reviewing of all the electronic or written forms which are used on the network: It is very important to review the security policies of networking system for any organization. In this process, we initially remove all the unnecessary electronic forms and then our team of experts make sure to update all the old security policies. If needed the old policies are deleted and the new ones are added in order to provide complete protection to your networking system. For example- changing firewalls of your networking system.
  • Reviewing is followed by auditing: The second step of security gap analysis involves auditing. Auditing basically involves the process of analysing the framework of the network policy and procedures, which are currently followed by the concerned organization. This process of analysing the framework not only involves reviewing the technical issues but human related problems as well. For example- an employee from a company must be aware of the appropriate measures while he/she is performing any kind of activity in the networking field of his/her company.
  • Proper reviewing of technical problems: The next and the final step involves an extensive analysis of the technical problems of the networking system of the concerned organization. Our experts make sure that the technical structure of the networking system is in accordance with the framework of the security policy standards, as followed by the company. It must always meet the security standards. If any flaw is found during this process we make sure to correct all the flaws in the networking system and cyber security as well. Some functions done under this step are - checking whether the company is using antivirus for all its services, or whether it uses encryption in its various databases or not, etc.

Perks of hiring Sync InfoSec for Gap analysis

  • We provide a detailed and explanatory report which highlights the security gaps which were found out during analysis.
  • Not, only the issues but we also provide the company with measures to mend those gaps.
  • We have a best team of consultants who provide A-class auditing.
  • All in all we provide the best analysis related to your information security.
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