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Security Device Configuration Reviews

Our networks are often protected by firewalls, VPN and IDS i.e. Intrusion Detection System. A major part of security investment is spent on them so that they work effectively with the right configuration according to the network system. A security device audit is a dedicated audit to access those aspects of security which cannot be assessed through other audit reviews. They are undertaken so as to ensure that they are working efficiently and effectively.

Pros of security device audit

  • To ensure that the investment on security is at par effectively.
  • The benefit from the security devices is itself an ultimatum that your device is not to be played with
  • It helps us in meeting the government regulations and compliances
  • Set a benchmark of your security device configuration against industry security practices

What security device audit involves?

  • It involves working with the security device auditor or consultant who has in depth knowledge of the security of the device to be audited
  • It involves understanding the device, its functions and the environment in which it works to ensure the effectiveness of the audit
  • Audits are framed over the security standards and practices set by the government and industry in accordance with the NSA and CIA benchmarks
  • Audit specifies in its report the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the configuration of security devices. It also mentions the recommendations as to what should be carried out in a form of command syntax to address the issue

Why choose us?

  • We have certified technicians in the field of security device management
  • We have in depth knowledge concerning major technologies and other likes Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper etc.
  • We work through reports to bridge the gap between where you are to where you want to go
  • We go into the depth to configure the device security
  • Your device would also be audited for the latest threats under our scrutiny.
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