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Application Security

Web application security is a process of protecting websites and online services against identified security threats inherent in the web application code. It helps to exploit vulnerabilities arising out of the content management system, database administration tools, and SaaS applications.

We have a multitude of experience in providing application security services both web and non-web an on mobile application.

Web application vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities associated with web applications are as follows:

  • SQL injection: it implies using malicious SQL code to reveal information. It may result in deletion of tables, unauthorized access to the database and unauthorized administration access.
  • Remote file inclusion: in this case, the hacker uses a remote access to inject a malicious file into the application server. It results in theft of data and manipulation of data.
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF): this security theft results in a change of passwords, unsolicited transfer of data and funds.

Such web application vulnerabilities could only be eliminated through web application security solutions like PCI data security standard (PCI DSS) certification. We are quite familiar and experienced in treating application security through compliance with required penetration tests and PCI DSS standards.

Our findings are not only limited to to these but include a wide web application vulnerabilities.

They are not only security experts but have an in-depth knowledge of the software development tools and procedures. It is through the dedication and efforts of our experienced staff that we have a huge satisfied and happy clientele.

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