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Network Device Configuration Reviews

Network devices play a crucial role in smooth functioning of organization as the lack of them may result in low productivity and reduced revenue. Our network device audit compiles a detailed and thorough network security audit of devices such as routers and switches. It is done to counteract the weaknesses of the configuration and thereby minimizing the risk of data loss.

What do you get from network device audit?

  • Open new boundaries of connectivity and achieve objectives without compromising security
  • Full support in achieving compliance requirements and government regulations.
  • Eliminating risk of network device compatibility

What does it involve?

A network security audit involves the following steps and advantages:

  • You get to work alongside an expert upon the network required to be audited
  • We understand the device thoroughly to provide a proper diagnosis of the situation and that the suit is carried on desired paths
  • Reviewing of network configuration at every level to ensure no vulnerability to network threat and addressing of risks wherever required
  • A device audit is an add on to network penetration tests as it not only makes you known to threats but a better understanding to all your network controls.

Why choose us for network device audits?

  • Our methodology and experience to work upon varied technologies makes audit effective and efficient
  • The major technologies we are upfront with are Cisco, 3COM, HP and Juniper
  • Audits focus not only network configurations but also on the security devices
  • These audits are based on government and industry security regulations
  • These audits enable you to get in depth knowledge about the security of precarious devices
  • Through our network devices audit network flaws are detected even before these pose to be threat to the system
  • We provide you a thorough report of gaps and how they need to be filled in respect to organization’s network needs
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