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Our Mission

Sync InfoSec is set on a mission to help organizations leverage the latest technology in a secure way.

Behind the scenes, our seasoned team of professionals specialized on IT security and all its intricacies provides unbiased, partners with clients and offers solutions tailored to the needs of any organization – no matter how complex those needs are.

We have managed to cement a reputation for excellence and professionalism as a result of our customer-centric approach focused on creating long-term partnerships, deliver value never leave our clients wondering if they are a priority. In addition to our client-first approach we remain ahead of the curve, constantly on top of the latest threats, tools and technology.

Our Vision

Sync InfoSec was created with a simple yet focused vision: to offer a great service paired with specialized IT security expertise.

Fast-forward to today, we help organizations across a variety of industries leverage the full power of technology in a secure way. Our team possesses the experience and the understanding of the growing threat landscape in order to protect your organization.

In the future, we want to continue to grow and expand our catalogue of services. But, no matter how much we adapt to the challenges ahead, our vision will remain as determined and focused as when we first started.

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For all general inquiries about the company, please email us @ info@syncinfosec.com.

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