Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (pen test) is security testing done to identify the vulnerability of the system. It is a step towards preparing the sensitive data against unauthorized attacks internally and externally.

Methodology and tools

Penetration tools are the tools involved in the process of penetration testing and are used in automation of tasks, improving the efficiency and in finding issues that would otherwise be difficult through manual analysis. We use a range of penetration tools much similar to those used by hackers to be a step ahead of them. We also use a conjunction of commercial and open source penetration tools. We keep ourselves up to date and at par with latest hacking techniques, security vulnerabilities, and trends.

The penetration methodology should take into account complexity and size of the business, the risks assessment after proper identification of existing vulnerabilities and threats in the working environment of the business, locations of all the sensitive data. It is our goal as a process of penetration methodology to look into unauthorized ways the data can be achieved and removing these vulnerabilities if so. We choose to repeat the process until no unauthorized access is found.

Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

There is a fine line between the terms vulnerability assessment and penetration testing and are often used synonymously. A vulnerability assessment simply involves the identification and reporting of vulnerable elements whereas penetration testing involves attempting to analysis the vulnerabilities and the extent of their presence. It includes application security testing and network penetration testing.

Most companies claim to perform just vulnerability assessment with the name of penetration testing. We don’t use such tactics and present a true picture of our reports of security issues identified and the measures taken to eradicate them.

Types of pen tests

Our pen tests include a number of varying assessments that look into the individuals who access the system. These are:

  • External penetration testing: done to identify the intruders on the internet
  • Internal penetration testing: done within the organization to identify the careless employees who legitimately access the system
  • Extranet penetration testing: done to identify the third party or the business partners who access the corporate network
  • Remote access penetration testing: done to identify the known and unknown casual users who access from remote entry access points
  • Mobile application penetration testing: done to assess the mobile applications, devices etc.

Our testing specialists are experts in testing a number of penetration tests along with these. You can expect us to provide you cost effective, automated, holistic vulnerability protection in accordance with your needs and desires.

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