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HIPAA Consulting Services

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act) are the privacy and security rules that need to be followed by the organizations dealing with health plans, health insurance, or ecommerce company selling health products online. These companies need to adhere to the compliance of the HIPAA in order to provide conformity, safety, non-disclosure of health information and data of its clients.

The consequences of non-compliance with the norms and standards of HIPAA may lead to high risks, fines, business loss, loss of goodwill, broken customer trust etc. businesses need to extra careful in dealing with personal information or more specifically electronic protected health information (ePHI). Thousands of breaches of HIPAA have been reported all due to lack of awareness, negligence, and carelessness. Be not being one of them!

To ensure your businesses reputation, we are a third party service provider of HIPAA to help to follow the HIPAA compliance and protect ePHI and your trusted customers in return.

Why hire us?

The four things HIPAA want every organization to follow in order to be HIPAA compliant are:

  • Implementation of stern rules to ensure the protection of patients health information
  • Ensuring limiting sharing of confidential data related to patients health to shareholders who are directly involved in helping patients
  • Ensuring protection of PHI while sharing corporate partners and associate corporates and should be done in the best interests of patients
  • Train employees to ensure minimal use of and access to PHI

Sometimes among the pressure and loads of work, it becomes difficult to keep in mind the compliances of HIPAA. We are a team of experts who are thoroughly known to the HIPAA rules and ensure their 100% enforceability. Our health domain experts and HIPAA consultants are solely focused on analysing the company’s history and building up your organization in a way ensure HIPAA compliance.

Training and spreading awareness

According to the HIPAA privacy and security training awareness program, there is a need to ensure the protection of user’s information on part of user too. It aims at making computer system users aware of use and dissemination of their confidential data, their security and privacy responsibilities towards sharing PHI. Once the users are aware, the business organization will be less ignorant and be cautious in sharing private health information.

Our team can help in training and spreading awareness among the employees with right content so that HIPAA’s rules and regulations are in line with organization’s objectives.

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