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Code Reviews

A code review basically refers to a process of systematic analysis of a computer's source code. It is done to find out the flaws which may have been over looked in the initial phase of the development. Since these flaws, if not corrected can have a huge impact on the security of an application.

A source code review helps to improve the overall quality of the software being developed. Code review can be done in various forms like- formal inspection, pair programming, informal walkthrough etc.

At Sync InfoSec, we have a great team of individuals who own extensive experience and knowledge of the code review procedure. We aim to take away all the worries of our clients through our expertise.

Why Choose Sync InfoSec for Source Code Review?

With good knowledge and a plethora of experience, our experts find all the issues related to the source code and provide effective remedies to fix them.

  • Code review done by our experts from Sync InfoSec limits all kinds of risks. It removes all the mistakes which a developer may not have noticed at the initial stage of the development procedure.
  • The concerned source code becomes more efficient after being reviewed. It improves the overall performance of the code. Our experts provide better and less complex solution to fix the issues related to the concerned code. This helps to improve the overall performance of the same, and we provide our client with a better design.
  • When you employ our company for the code review process of your business, you get the chance to receive the best service in accordance with the needs of your business and not a general service. This helps to enhance the performance of your business as well.
  • Your employees also get a great opportunity to work with our best consultants who have a thorough knowledge of code reviews of multiple languages. As a matter of fact, we cover all the languages including C, C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, etc. You name it and our experts know it all.
  • You also receive an explanatory report which basically includes all the coding issues and trends in the developmental approach of the source code which is used in your business.

What Can You Gain From Our Services?

  • Sync InfoSec help to reduce the code development costs which business owners have to pay, by introducing security measures at the early stage of the development process.
  • Having a source code reviewed proves beneficial for the customers, stakeholders, and employees also.

Above all, by removing all the risks involved with the security of the network infrastructure of one's business, we help them to preserve their brand value in the market.

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