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If your company deals with the data of individuals of European Union or is in business with the same, then you are required to follow compliance of E.U. / U.S. privacy shield directives, soon known to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU has always been focused on privacy legislation from more than two decades, with GDPR it has intended to strengthen the former base into a more standardized and unified regulation.

It is a known fact that U.S. has been quite negligent when it comes to handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and data protection laws. It is for reason E.U. has now come up with more stern laws when it comes to handling private data of individuals by U.S. organizations in E.U. through GDPR. The E.U. has now made it mandatory to demonstrate the compliance of GDPR when it comes to handling PII of E.U members, failing which would lead to paying off heavy fines by U.S. companies plus discharge of contract with E.U. partners.

To order for U.S. companies to successfully cater to the needs of the E.U data security regulations, they will have to make a number of changes to their technical and administrative policies of data handling. This is where we take up our role and help you out.

How we do?

Our privacy program will make a change and be a help to your organization.

  • Frame a strategy that protects the interest of both stakeholders and executive management
  • Develop privacy policies, standards, regulations, and procedures in accordance with privacy laws and regulations
  • Develop a privacy program that is at par with your organization’s goals and objectives

What you get?

  • We will provide you expert consultation through the process
  • Help you in framing a privacy program in accordance with your organization’s objectives and needs
  • Boost your confidence by helping you meet the internal-external requirements
  • Provide you the competitive advantage and thereby increasing confidence of your clients
  • Exerts visibility of privacy postulates into the organizations and of strengths and opportunities

Why us?

  • Develop your existing privacy program and policies through our tools and technologies
  • Enrich you with our enriched and experience with regard to meeting compliances, privacy regulations, program governance and risk
  • Keeping the investments in privacy, security, and compliance low without jeopardizing the organization's priorities
  • Easily get into new contracts with third parties by ensuring strong control norms over security, privacy and compliance processes.
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